How we work

At Vectos, we think differently. We take the time to listen, get to the heart of our client’s vision and understand their business objectives. Whatever the project, our solutions are appropriate, informed and focused on outcome.


Our approach is inclusive and collaborative, helping to shape the brief then using our skills and insight to enhance the project with our co-consultants. We translate our approach to policy to demonstrate the benefits it will bring, communicating this effectively to gain support from stakeholders and communities.

As people-people we thrive on strong relationships. We want clients to enjoy working with us and to be a rewarding and inspirational place to work for our team, where we come together to make a positive difference in the world.


We know how to engage and talk to people. While what we do is technical, we take policy and our solutions and frame them in a way that is easily understood by clients, stakeholders and the wider community.


We aspire to be a rewarding, inspirational place to work. Sociable, stimulating and enlightening, backed up by learning, training and career progression.


With a focus on driving commercial success, meeting project objectives and optimising value, we deliver solutions that are bespoke, visionary and practical.