COVID Statement

Vectos has taken all the necessary steps to ensure we can continue to provide a high quality of service to all our clients, whilst also ensuring that our staff are protected. The most significant change that has taken place, is the company committing to flexible working arrangements, whereby staff can safely work from home, with meetings taking place virtually or over the phone. This was the safest course of action in making sure we interrupt the chain of infection and prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Whilst working in the office has now become an option again, staff are not encouraged to return to the office if not necessary. However, for those who need to return, several steps have been taken to ensure safety, a risk assessment has been conducted, and its findings and results have been shared with our workforce by way of email and also virtual meetings.

Various advice sources have been taken into consideration when ensuring our workplace is Covid-19 secure, such as government guidance and HSE guidance for example.

As part of our risk assessment, we have taken the following steps to ensure flexible, safe working for those wishing to return to the office:

  • Retaining a daily register of individuals present in each office by day to control both the usage of each office but also to enable those present on that day to be notified in future if any localised events occur. This has been undertaken using the Shifts function on Microsoft Teams. Each office has their own system.
  • To comply with government guidance, circulatory walkways have been created and certain desks have been closed off to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.
  • All kitchens will remain in partial use but will be limited to one person at a time. Sanitiser gel is placed in the kitchen, and staff are required to use it upon entering and exiting the kitchen after completing their intended activity.
  • Signs have been displayed throughout all the offices reminding staff of hand washing and social distancing procedures, and hand sanitisers have been provided for staff to use upon entering and exiting the office.
  • Whilst the physical aspect of protecting staff is crucial, Vectos recognises that the mental health aspect is equally important. In order to ensure we protect our staff’s mental health and well-being, we have also appointed an occupational health referral service, whereby staff have access to 24/7 support on a number of mental health issues. In addition, regular virtual meetings/calls are scheduled in order to keep in touch with staff working from home.

The health and safety of our clients and employees is paramount, and our top priority. Staff are encouraged to continue working from home as much as possible, but all reasonable steps have been taken to offer a safe working environment for those that wish to work flexibly. Vectos has and will continue to react dynamically to the challenging and current situation and is prepared to adapt and change our measures accordingly.