Bristol City Football Club Training Ground

  • Client

    Bristol City Football Club

  • Sector

    Flood Risk & Drainage; Sports & Leisure

  • Location

    Failand, Bristol

  • Planning Authority

    North Somerset Council

  • Description

    Flood Risk Assessment & Drainage Strategy for Bristol City Football Club training facilities

Sport and Leisure
Sport & Leisure

Project overview

Vectos helped Bristol City Football Club secure planning consent for new training facilities at its Failand base. They include a new pavilion building, the formation of grass pitches and associated site re-contouring, the provision of a new access, landscaping works, car parking and other ancillary development, and the incorporation of a sustainable surface water drainage strategy.

Our approach

We provided a Flood Risk Assessment and an infiltration-led surface water drainage strategy for the scheme. Infiltration is at the top of the sustainable drainage hierarchy, with a cellular soakaway incorporated into the layout for the management of surface water runoff. This included piped conveyance of surface water from the impermeable areas and permeable paving, to manage the runoff and provide water quality benefit.

We found that the site has a low level of risk from fluvial, tidal and surface water flooding, however, the change in land use could adversely affect the surface water runoff regime if not properly managed.

Surface water runoff from the impermeable areas will be conveyed to a cellular soakaway situated below the car parking area. The parking bays will comprise permeable paving to collect and discharge to the cellular soakaway. The use of permeable paving provides further benefits, with additional storage for surface water runoff and also with benefits to water quality.