Gateshead Quays

  • Client

    Ask / Patrizia

  • Sector

    Sports & Leisure

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  • Planning Authority

    Gateshead Council

  • Description

    Major leisure development


seat area

Sport and Leisure
Sport & Leisure

Project overview

Gateshead Quays involves the iconic development of a new 12,500-seat arena, major conference and exhibition centre, and a variety of hotels on a site south of the River Tyne and Millennium Bridge, adjacent to the Sage and Baltic Quays developments in Gateshead.

An exciting civic-led, commercial mixed-use scheme, it will deliver cultural and business facilities on one of the most special sites in the UK, complementing the existing landmark developments that bound the site.

Our approach

We have been involved in this project from an early stage, undertaking a transport feasibility study to demonstrate the site’s sustainable transport credentials and considering a strategy to accommodate the development on the local highway network. This allowed the client and end operator SMG to have confidence in progressing the project from a transport planning perspective.

We then inputted into the masterplanning stage, developing the scheme in more detail. This included an Access Plan and solutions for car parking, public transport, provision for coaches, taxis, pick up/drop off, pedestrian access and permeability, cycle access and parking, servicing and traffic management. Options for travel planning were also progressed. Throughout the process, we proactively engaged with Gateshead Council and other key transport stakeholders.