Sainsbury’s, Wadsley Bridge

  • Client

    Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd

  • Sector

    Infrastructure & Design; Retail

  • Location

    Sheffield, South Yorkshire

  • Planning Authority

    Sheffield City Council

  • Description

    Highway improvements to facilitate new store development



A 0

arterial route


Project overview

Following a successful planning consent, Sainsbury’s appointed us to progress the detailed design of highway works, including major infrastructure improvements at two junctions along the A61 arterial route into the city from the north, secure technical approvals and manage the construction phase.

Our approach

The construction and traffic management phasing was complex given the working restrictions applied by local authority, however we assisted the contractor in phasing the works to accommodate the requirement for off-peak working and ensure the store could open on time.

An unusual additional challenge was the Tour De France! Its Grande Depart was scheduled for early July, with the second day of racing running directly through the site. We needed to respect embargos on the highway, including no construction works for two weeks before the race, and ensure that the carriageway condition was at the standard needed for riders. As keen cyclists ourselves, we ensured everything ran smoothly – the race was a success and Sainsbury’s deadline was met.