Summit Park

  • Client

    Bowmer & Kirkland

  • Sector

    Infrastructure Design; Logistics & Warehousing

  • Location

    Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

  • Planning Authority

    Nottinghamshire County Council

  • Description

    Lead highway consultant in design, technical approval and delivery for Nottinghamshire County Council and the S278 Agreement

S 0


£ 0

million infrastructure works


Project overview

Vectos was the lead highway consultant for this S278 Agreement, which involved the creation of a three-arm roundabout and left-in, left-out junction in accordance with approved planning drawings. It also included highway and drainage design relating to the construction of the new roundabout and access to a large distribution centre

Our approach

Our work involved close liaison with Nottinghamshire County Council and the relevant authorities throughout. Alongside detailed design, we secured technical approvals and assisted with the permit applications needed.

During the construction phase, we provided support and had an on-site monitoring role, coordinating site inspections and progress meetings, and answering technical queries. The works were delivered on programme.