Wirral Waters, Birkenhead Docks

  • Client

    Peel Land and Property

  • Sector

    Masterplanning & Mixed Use

  • Location

    Wirral, Merseyside

  • Planning Authority

    Wirral Borough Council

  • Description

    Major Regeneration Scheme

£ 0



million sqm


new homes


new jobs

Masterplanning & Mixed-Use

Project overview

This project is a £4.5 billion mixed-use regeneration scheme of Birkenhead Docks in Wirral. At some 1.7 million sq m of development, it is one of the largest regeneration initiatives in the UK, proposing to create over 15,000 new homes and 27,000 new jobs.

Our approach

Transport: Vectos has been involved from feasibility stage and masterplanning to the development of a sustainable transport strategy with key stakeholders.

We have also prepared transport assessments to support a series of major planning applications and negotiated them all to successful resolution.

Microsim: Wirral Council and Peel Holdings commissioned us to update the 2008 Wirral Waters Paramics traffic model to a current base year, and to create forecast scenarios for the Tower Road South Civilised Street scheme and the Tower Road and Northbank Development clusters. The model provided a suitable tool to assess the changes to traffic flow associated with the proposed redevelopment of the dockside area.