Road Safety Audits

Road safety

Vectos has a dedicated and qualified Road Safety Team, with the ability to undertake RSAs and provide road safety advice.

Road Safety Audits

Undertaking an RSA is good practice for new roads or significant changes to the existing highway network. It is an independent assessment carried out in the design process and following construction. It identifies potential road safety issues and recommends measures to eliminate or mitigate them.

  • Stage 1 – Preliminary Design
  • Stage 2 – Detailed Design
  • Stage 3 – Completion of Construction
  • Stage 4 – Post-Operation

Road Safety Engineering and Design

Vectos has experience in road safety engineering, including the detailed design and implementation of highway link, junctions, access design, traffic calming and urban/rural safety management.

Collision Investigation and Prevention

Understanding how collisions occur helps develop ways to reduce incidents, injury and casualties. Many schemes require detailed collision investigation, from small development schemes to major route studies of the urban network required for Transport Assessments relating to large development projects.

Collision Analysis

Highway and junction projects must address safety. Some require in-depth analysis of PIC data to identify clusters of collisions and determine their type and frequency. This informs recommendations for remedial work options in terms of changes to the existing highway design, traffic calming measures or making recommendations within RSAs or NMU Audits.