Transport Planning

Transport Planning

At Vectos, we understand the link between mobility, transport, land use and economic growth. We also embrace the future shape of our towns and cities, multi-modal low and zero carbon travel and the activities that people seek to enhance their quality of life.

Our services include:

  • Vision and mobility statements to promote development
  • Promotion of development through Local Plans including Examinations in Public
  • Feasibility assessment to allow risks and costs for client’s development opportunities
  • Masterplanning with a strong emphasis on placemaking
  • Supporting planning applications – Transport Assessments, Travel Plans and Environmental Statements
  • Expert witness at public inquiries

We use this knowledge to assess feasibility so our clients can make informed decisions to progress opportunities, make representations for Local Plans, inform masterplans and support planning applications through Transport Assessments, Travel Plans, and Environmental Statements, to successful resolution. We have an excellent track record of reaching negotiated agreements.

We take a holistic view. Working with developers, housebuilders, retailers, operators, landowners and public sector bodies, we start with visioning, designing and modelling; then implement policies, plans and projects to enable development to happen.

Our directors also have extensive experience of giving evidence at public inquiries associated with appeals, call-in and stopping up orders, having been involved in some of the most complex projects in the UK.

Some of our projects are challenging and require analytical thinking and complex technical solutions, while others are need a swift and efficient optimisation strategy. We’re equally adept at both.