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March 2022

Team Vectos: Reflecting on Cycle to MIPIM 2022

On the 9th of March, Team Vectos set off on the Knight Frank Cycle to MIPIM with Club Peloton, cycling 1,428km from London to Cannes over 7 days. This year, over £230,000 (and counting) has been raised for charities supporting vulnerable young people, including Coram, MSA Trust, Cyclists Fighting Cancer and the Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust.

Riders from Team Vectos reflect on this year’s cycle…

Stuart Morse:

“Two weeks ago myself and 80 or so others completed the 1438km ride from London to Cannes (I completed 1250km for what it’s worth).

From start to finish the experience was amazing. From a personal perspective, I was able to achieve some personal cycling bests. I posted my longest ride ever, most time on a bike in a day, and rode up and down a Col for the first time. Meeting great people before and during the ride was a stand out for me and hopefully I’ve made some lasting relationships with people. Some boring flat areas were over time replaced with stunning scenery.

As a group, we also experienced instances of Covid and a crash (thankfully not too bad) and at times atrocious weather, albeit on a stage that I left out; I’ll be forever amazed by those that completed Day 5 Stage 5!

Playing a part in helping raise such a fantastic sum for a great cause is clearly key to it all and the figure that has been raised is astounding.”

Mike Axon:

“After taking part in many Cycle to MIPIM events, this one was certainly the most rewarding.

Spirits were high when we left Herne Hill early on the Wednesday morning and by Day 5 Stage 5 they were dampened, literally. But the comradery of helping each other get through the tough climbs and weather is what it’s all about.

Club Peloton certainly made the right decision adding an extra day to the challenge to encourage varying levels to join… Bring on 2023!”

Anthony Tugwell: 

“This was my third Cycle to MIPIM and, overall, ranked as the best so far.

The new route over 7 days (instead of the previous 6) meant slightly later starts and earlier finishes, allowing additional time off the bike to socialise and network. That’s not to say the ride was easier – the new route had more elevation gain than previous years and we all faced a pretty much non-stop headwind all the way to Cannes, which combined with a torrential downpour during the last stage of Day 5 left a lot of riders very cold, wet and tired at the end of what many dubbed “the worst stage weather-wise in Cycle to MIPIM history”!

However, Days 6 and 7 made up for it with stunning landscapes and even a bit of sunshine, meaning a happy peloton, if somewhat tired, rode on to the Croissette to be greeted by friends, colleagues and a few beers.

Cycle to MIPIM 2022 will live long in the memory!”

Paul Wheller:

“The ride was an absolutely fantastic experience. A couple of horrendous stages Day 3 Stage 3, involved shocking headwinds but I had the fun of drafting behind the lead car; and Day 5 Stage 5 that shouldn’t be mentioned again with the freezing driving rain in pitch darkness.

It was a great opportunity to spend 7 days with 85 riders, who all made the trip truly memorable with chat all the way day down and getting to know everybody in the peloton who all helped out with encouraging words when needed.

Very difficult to sum up in words but the ride was great, the scenery amazing, and the people even better.”

Photos courtesy of Paul