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Vectos is a specialist, independent consultancy in transport planning, infrastructure design and flood risk. With a focus on value and society, we bring development forward positively and sustainably.



IEA report calls for reclassification of green belt land to prioritise proximity to transport hubs

Vectos is pleased to see another report advocating the structured release of suitable green belt land, and goes further to…

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Covid-19: Transport and the traffic survey

COVID-19 shows us is that in a crisis the rules don’t apply, which makes us wonder why they were there…

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Reimagining our roads. How COVID-19 has changed the face of mobility planning

It is hard to imagine that only a few months ago, politicians, local officials and planners were talking about the…

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International research

Our research and innovation arm works at the forefront of EU-funded research and demonstration activities to explore sustainable mobility strategies and inform policy.

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